If you need more agility in your supply chain, start here.

With recent market volatility, transportation leaders are asking, “how can we be more prepared next year, and where should we invest resources?”

Transportation is becoming increasingly efficient as shippers embrace digital transformation and integrate systems and processes.

By taking an agile approach toward adopting freight technology, shippers eliminate operational inefficiency and avoid costly pitfalls - even in extraordinarily strained markets.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize overpaying for freight by building upon and optimizing your TMS
  • Customize routing guides to mitigate high tender rejection - recently hovering over 25% nationally
  • Automate better and more profitable business decisions

Reduce Costs

Save when the market rate is below your static contracted options


Improve Service

Improve service by lowering the number of shipments sent to the spot market


Save Time

Reduce time spent securing coverage for routing guide freight


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