Our Investors Speak For Themselves

So we're letting them do just that.

We asked leaders at A.P. Moller - MaerskBlackRock, PFMO4, and Bramalea Partners why they invested and what they're most excited to see Loadsmart accomplish with our Series C. Here's what they had to say.

Loadsmart announced a $90 million round in mid-November led by BlackRock, Inc.’s managed funds and included prominent strategic investors from the transportation space such as TFI International Inc.  and Maersk, the world’s leading ocean carrier.

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William Abecassis, Head of Innovation Capital at Blackrock, breaks down the two types of companies that will emerge as winners in the industry: those that deploy capital and those that deploy solutions at a faster rate than others. While our Series C helps with the first, Abecassis is a believer that Loadsmart's ability to identify problems, solve for them, and then monitor solutions faster than any in the industry is what sets us a part from the competition.

A.P. - Moller Maersk

Sune Stilling, Head of Growth at Maersk, shares how Loadsmart's long-term approach and path to profitability sets us apart from industry players using VC money to subsidize growth.


Richard Perry, Founder at PFMO4, discusses principal risk and how Loadsmart's commitment to taking it on sets us apart from traditional brokers.


Andrew Boyd, Founder at Bramalea Partners, talks long- term investing and how Loadsmart's platform approach sets us up for 10+ years of runway growth.